Whilst web sites should look pleasing to the eye, as far as search engines are concerned which can't see photographs or appreciate aesthetics, relevent content is king. The creation of a good web site is far more than what a multiple choice template can provide such as you see advertised on television. We understand business and we are there to guide you with your options and turn your wishes into a reality. An empathetic relationship with the site owner is essential together with a clear understanding and focus of what is trying to be achieved from all parties. Our personalised, bespoke service will help you to achieve your goals.

Here are some very different examples of the bespoke web sites that PeninsulaWeb have created and maintain, each have their own individual customer requirements. Clicking on a picture will open a new page and let you browse their web sites.


Jigsaw Solutions

Jigsaw Solutions wanted a multi-page dynamic web site, with quality images but a clear and simple navigation system that defined the variety and nature of the subject matter.

The web site was to be part of a four pointed media strategy cross linking with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, this included a live Twitter feed into the Blog page but was felt unnecessary and detracting from the message if these appeared elsewhere, therefore clear and easy to use direct links were placed on the the Contact page, together with self opening "My Favorites" and the Reader's e-mail interface. The whole site has a fluidity of links to enable easy navigation between all the pages.

The menu system, masthead, links and background to each page all remain static within a theme for each subject heading along the bottom, which then lead to multiple pages thereafter, yet the individual pages have an attractive white scrolling page upon which text, additional pictures, videos and other enhancements can be placed as can be seen in the links on the "about" page. To date there are over 40 pages on the site and it was decided that clutter and distractions were to be avoided as the most important thing was for the message to come through and that the web site would act as a portfolio tool that could be used if required within presentations.

Following discussions with the owner Paul White, ideas and locations were suggested to local photographer, David Burnard who captured the startling images of Paul on the site.  These were then manipulated first by him and then by us to work with the web site. The website will be maintained on an ongoing basis as content will need to be added as the owner's activities progress and further historical information, images and videos are provided . It will always be a "work in progress" and as Paul White says "It is the book that I'll never write".

Man ABout The House

Man About The House

Static sites are easier to balance out and obtain uniformity over all platforms and most types of monitor resolutions, and although more plain in appearance than a dynamic site, they have a clean perspective and can often aid the eye's familiarisation with the layout and content. Like dynamic sites they can still be multi-page and contain images, the main difference is that with dynamic sites you can have better client interface for updating and running databases etc. the disadvantage is that they cost more and take longer to develop.

Man About The House needed a site to inform people whilst emphasising the reliability, competency and trustworthiness of the business. The written content was everything and extreme care was taken in getting the wording and look right. The clarity and content of the web site is often remarked at by new customers who already feel confident in the business before meeting.

Man About The House did not wish to pay for advertising and so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was also high on the list and to date this has been extremely successful, with at the time of writing this it is in first position of the "unpaid" listings in a citywide Google search for handyman and two positions in the top ten on the first results page. A remarkable achievement given the sector competition and because it has been so successful it means that Man About The House has not needed to spend money on advertising elsewhere.

The Oasis Care Home

The Oasis Care Home

The owners of the home contacted PeninsulaWeb as their website created by BT had been hacked and BT had taken the site down. More of a problem was that BT were not prepared to even start to look at the problem for many weeks and then they wanted a vast sum to put it right. The owners felt like they were being held to ransom and were very displeased. They wanted a local company who could give their business the attention that they believed they required and in a timely and cost effective manner. Coupled with that they also wanted an IT company that they could call upon whenever needed to assist them with their in house needs such as repairs and setups to their equipment and give advice and training to staff where needed.

The priority was on time scales, as without a site the business was not being advertised on the web and all links to it from the likes of search engines etc. were not working. We didn't have access to the BT servers but upon investigation we were able to recover parts of the site and piece them together but, the site was severely broken and littered with malware from unscrupulous individuals. The next part was to initiate a cleanup of the infected files. Next we put in place basic security measures. We then rebuilt the site to a working standard and launched the site on our servers in a test area and working with the owners were able to create new pages and design features. During this process we had asked BT to transfer the Owner's domain to our servers, this again seemed to take forever for them to complete but we used this time to hone the new site prior to the re-launch. Once the domain was transferred to our servers and new e-mail addresses were created we launched the updated site which contains a database with front and back end areas (for staff use). We then put in place a raft of higher level security measures and updates to help prevent unwanted intrusions in future.

The owners are very happy with the new relationship and the fact that their web site and e-mails are all up and running. Going forward, a full review of the web site and its usage within the business will take place and a probable rebuild to a new more robust format, this together with a review of IT systems and procedures in general in order to maximise the staff's ability to use technology within the constraints of their abilities and normal working environment.

Phil Guy Computer & Repairs

Phil Guy Computer & Repairs

You will probably notice the strong family resemblance in the dynamic design of the Phil Guy Computer & Repairs web site which was deliberate. Options on the table were to have one web site covering all that Phil Guy Computer & Repairs already does and then add in the Web Design etc. service, another option would be to have a completely fresh image but in the end, it was thought to build on the success of the original site, but hosting it in a separate venue whilst maintaining the brand awareness but with a different focus.

The Phil Guy Computer & Repairs site features an unusual differing triple navigation system with menus along the top, side and below the main content container. This works well for this type of business as the three sections are quite different being, general information (top), technical information and in depth details (side) and official documents (below). The down side of this approach is the amount of information that is required to be written, especially in the technical pages. The positive is that the site can be up and running with all the main content and messages, whilst the technicalities can be added later. If all this information were in one menu it would become very cluttered, if the information was in drop down or fold out menus it would be hidden from arousing potential consumer interest.

Again clean lines were the order of the day with large clear writing and for the general part, not too technical. The pages were to have an image or an animation or two per page and not be too long in length.  A simple theme colour of light blue shades would carry through the whole site.

Bungalow For Sale

Bungalow For Sale

The subject matter was an excellent medium for a static site. We were asked by the property owner if we could help them with their bungalow sale. It had been on the market for 6 months with little interest despite efforts from Estate Agents and advertising by the owner. We discussed their needs and the owner said they were happy to do all the photography themselves, provide a site plan and a .pdf of the Energy Performance Certificate.

Easy navigation is provided by reflective menus top and bottom which are consistent over the site's eight main pages. There are multiple photographs or visuals on each page and there is a gallery with thumbnails providing easy access to all the images in full resolution.

SEO was again going to be of paramount importance and we set to work creating the best advert that we could for his property, narrowing the focus to target the people and locations that we believed the majority of prospective buyers would see it.

Within a few weeks of the site being completed we had number one position in the local "unpaid" Google rankings and a week later the person who eventually bought the property made a viewing. The vendor saved on Estate Agency fees and could use this saving in the negotiation with the purchaser. Needless to say our client was extremely happy.